In depth review and buying guide

Top 3 reasons Why it’s the best value mid-range home hand blender set to buy in 2020:



Made and supported by the renowned, high quality brands Kenwood & De ‘Longhi.



The new 800 Watts and triblade technology makes it fast, easy and splash free


The price is an absolute bargain, especially given what’s included: 5 specialist attachments to blend, chop, whisk, purée, & mash.

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Discover more reasons below on why this Kenwood hand blender is beat the rest.

Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade hand blender

The WH just means ‘White’… the only colour it comes in.


It’s worth checking now… because we often see great deals and discounts

The HDP406WH in detail

the benefits

The updated blending blade makes the Kenwood Triblade hand blender even better, faster, stronger, easier than previous Kenwood models.  

The improved 800Watts motor makes it 14% more powerful than before, and able to handle 20% heavier loads.

Fast and easy blending

The 3 angled blades now blend more food in less time.  The ribbed edge you can see around it, is also designed reduce suction too !

Suregrip – does what it says !

Suregrip is the name of the new handle technology, and it means the Kenwood HDP406 won’t slip out of even wet or greasy hands. The handle is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), not rubber as many people assume. The shape of the handle is also new – we love the indent where you hold it – makes it much more comfortable and easier now for smaller hands.


Generous sizes

The jug and the chopper bowl are both a nice big size compared to other sets. The chopper has a very useful rubber base grip, and the rubber base of the beaker even doubles up as a lid!

Easy to clean

Easy to use, and the attachments are easy to clean under the tap,  but also dishwasher safe. Only the masher attachment needs more attention – as you can imagine. 

Extra long cable

The cable is 1.25m long which means you  have plenty of reach when using the the Kenwood HDP406 .

No splashing

The new BIG foot shape also stops any splashing.

XL means No scraping

The extra XL blender foot for soup, and the XL potato masher giant plastic attachments also means you don’t have to worry about scraping your pots or pans.

well Thought out

There are two motors for fast and slow speed. So, the whisk has its own motor which is slower than the blender,  something that is necessary to do a better whisking job. 

Covers more tasks expertly

The big foot for soups, and the big masher seem to be super popular… Reviewers didn’t expect these accessories to be so important but actually they have become lifesavers and used so often !

Great Turbo button

The the Kenwood HDP406 is great for pulse blending when you need that extra burst of power.

The two buttons (power and turbo) are placed nicely near the top of the body so your fingers fall easily onto them. You do need to use your other hand though to rotate the variable speed dial on the top.

Click on... click off

The attachments are so easy to click on and off with 2 buttons on either side of the lower body.

It’s not just us that rate it so highly

what the users like about the hdp406wh ?

Nice choice of attachments, easy to put on and pull off, 2 standard speeds, with a variable option as well. Lightweight, fits the hand nicely.

Littlewoods user

Powerful. Easy to clean. Easy to attach and detach each attachment. Love my new potato masher, no need for hand mashing with lumpy bits thrown in. Blended a soup yesterday, no soup spitting up my lovely kitchen tiles, very tidy with its wide skirt attachment !!

ARGOS user

I bought this one for my Granddaughter as I love mine that I have had for 4 years. It is my favourite kitchen item, I love it to bits !!

Kitchenware direct user

Living in a small flat I find this a really useful kitchen appliance as it does so many things and doesn’t take up too much space. Good for one person who does not need to cook in great quantities (eg bowl is big enough to blend flour and fat for a batch of scones).

John Lewis user

 Amazon had over 400 ratings when we last looked !

(with an amazing 4.5 out of 5 stars overall )

See what the users on Amazon say in your country

We will take you to the Kenwood triblade system pro hand blender  on Amazon.
Click on REVIEWS and enjoy the read !

Expert opinions

What do the reviewers say ?

We’ve been through all the ‘best hand blender ‘ reviews from the experts out there so you can see what other professionals have to say about the the Kenwood HDP406  hand blender set.

Excellent results across all tasks… comfortable to hold… chopper chops food quickly and evenly


The new range of Triblade hand blenders are faster, stronger and even easier to use than ever before.


Tackles even the toughest foods such as frozen fruit and root vegetables with Kenwood’s improved motor.


Best pick of ” Best hand blenders to cook with ease in the UK.”            


 designed for home cooks



Get everyone in involved in the cooking.

This hand held blender will allow you to do specific tasks quickly, and with less mess. Let it free you up to have fun doing more together in the kitchen.

Make yummy desserts together, like a chocolate mousse, or extra treats like muffins or cakes.

Get more creative, and waste less food by blitzing and blending in seconds.

Buy the HDP406 triblade and you can all follow Kenwood’s simple hand blender recipes by video too !

busy mums


The extra large plastic foot also allows you to blend and mash more vegetables down to a fine purée.

Save time by being able to blend soup directly in the saucepan. Most other hand blenders would splash more and you don’t want this if you have babies or children around. 

Expand your repertoire. Make great dips for snacking, or grab yourself a healthy smoothie more easily.

Home cook perfectionists


Rather than a one tool fits all, the HDP406 gives you a specific attachment to get the best results for each job, so it gets done properly.

Leaves you plenty of time to get creative with dressings and fancy drizzles ( we love using these squeezy sauce bottles for serving. I guess it’s a habit left over from our restaurant days. You can make your own condiments and they’re great for storing too) !

Make your own creative lattes, interesting dips, tapenades, and purées to layer, dot or scrape on your fancy dinner plates.

hdp406 key facts

what you get when you buy the hdp406

( Specifications provided by Kenwood )


Body material: Plastic


Main blender wand / shaft: metal


Blades: stainless steel


Colour: White


Variable speed: dial on top of handle


Power button: easy to access on handle grip


Turbo button: for pulsing


Unique feature: SureGrip™ handle


Unique feature: Triblade™ blade technology


Cable grip


Dishwasher-safe parts


Balloon whisk accessory


Calibrated Beaker size  (0.75 L)


Calibrated Chopper bowl (0.5 L) with blade accessory


Dedicated masher / purée accessory with plastic paddle


XL soup foot with steel blade (for blending soups directly into the saucepan)

power (watts)

warranty (months)

length (cm)

variable speed wheel

weight (kg)

width / height (cm)

tips on using the included attachments & accessories

what you can do with the hdp406


750 ml plastic beaker

Don’t fill the supplied beaker more than two-thirds full.

If using your own beaker, choose a tall, straight sided one that is slightly wider than the foot of the hand blender to allow movement of the ingredients, but tall enough to prevent splashing !

The gripping rubber base has a neat feature – you can take it off, turn it over and then use it as a lid to store what you have just chopped! Same goes for the chopper base / lid.

General blending tips

The shaft and blades are high quality stainless steel so unlike some plastic competitors at this price, it’s safe to use in hot liquids, it’s dishwasher safe,  and generally makes for easy cleaning.

For smoothest blending try to incorporate all the food by moving the blade around the food as if you are stirring around, or mashing up and down.

If the blender blocks, turn it off and then clear it.

Always let go of the speed button when you are finished, then turn the power off.


soup XL leg

This is designed to be used in the saucepan not the beaker ( it’s too big for it! ). It’s also plastic so that’s good news for the saucepan !

Avoid splashing also by putting the blender into the food before switching on.

Take the saucepan off the heat and let cool to room temperature for safest blending.

Don’t let the liquid get above the wand and handle join. It’s plastic so you won’t scratch the pan.


balloon whisk

This is the perfect accessory for whisking egg whites into meringues. It’s also good for light things like cream, mouse, light desserts, mayonnaise.

It´s advised to do no more than 4 egg whites or 400ml ( 3 ⁄4pt) cream at a time.

Although it’s stainless steel whisk, Kenwood advise that anything heavier like bread or cake mixtures will damage the whisk. (we would say this is good advice for most hand blenders)

When whisking, don’t let the liquid get above the whisk wires.


500 ml chopping bowl

This is a great tool for chopping small quantities of meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, biscuits and nuts.

Great also for making tasty dips and sauces.

It blitzes hard cheese beautifully and a tip for onions is to just pulse them so they don’t turn to mush !

Some say its not good however for bullet hard foods like coffee beans, ice cubes, or some – take care not to damage the blade. Ice with water, or iced fruits is probably fine.


XL masher Foot


The HDP406 shaft and foot are plastic , and the HDP408 has a steel shaft and plastic foot. The foot and seems to act like an electric ricer so a bit mesmerising watching those little potato worms appear (children love that !)  Best used for potatoes by all accounts, but it can be used for other vegetables too.

Good for when you need to do big quantities of mash, and also good for making gnocchi !

You need to dismantle fully to clean the masher well.

Hand blender specifications

our personal pros and cons


We love the quantity, the quality, and of course the the price !


The cable is a whopping 125cm so makes it much easier to move around the kitchen


All the attachments just pop off by squeezing two buttons at the bottom of the body.


Nice sized chopper bowl, you can do a lot more sauces etc. with 500 ml, a lot of other brands start at 350ml. 


You have to be able to store all the parts – there are a lot of them.


Whist the 750ml beaker has a lovely grippy base and lid, we’d also like it to have a spout.

Frequently asked questions

Specific HDP406 FAQs

Specific questions and answers for the Kenwood HDP406  


How long can I run my hand blender for ?

It’s designed to run for maximum 50 seconds within any 4 minute period, particularly when used in heavier mixtures. Always let it rest between blending.
For the whisk, try to avoid using it any longer than 3 minutes in any 10 minute period.


Is my Kenwood hand blender BPA free ?

Yes ! They go further than most when it comes to talking about BPA free. Kenwood say they do not use PC in the manufacture of any parts which come into contact with food, and they will “not release a product for sale unless tests show that NO BPA is detected.”


what if i can't fit the attachments onto the body ?

Check (make sure the power is off first).  if there is any obstruction within the connection end of the motor. Check inside the base of hand unit and make sure it’s completely white and that there is nothing obstructing the motor.  If there is something , then, once the power is disconnected, remove the obstacle really carefully ( use tweezers ).

let’s summarise

The best things about the Kenwood HDP406WH



The HDP406 blender stick on Amazon is fabulous quality with its unique triblade technology that makes it powerful, fast, and easy to use.

The main stick is metal, as are the blades. But it uses more practical plastic, extra large sized legs along with the triblade steel blades when it’s time to blend straight into the saucepan.

We should explain what the triblade is exactly ! It’s three blades, that are angled in a way that disrupt the movement of the food so that it blends faster and easier.

The new foot shape ( and it’s extra large size ) also stops any splashing.

With so many easy to attach tools for cooking and baking, you can use it for so many core kitchen tasks.




The electric potato masher attachment is one of the stars of the show. You might think you don’t need it,  but it seems to blow people away that they can produce potato or root vegetable mash like a chef. Kenwood even show you how to make your own gnocchi !

The chopper bowl attachment and jug ( beaker) are nice and big compared to its competitors at this price. As well as being large,  they have non-slip rubber bases that double as lids… genius.

The electric whisk comes with it’s own motor so it works at a gentler power. It’s good for thin batters and creams – think pancakes etc. light cake mixes,delicate sauces, mousses, and  meringues.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you also get a second extra large blending wand for safely blending soups directly in the saucepan to a creamy consistency… without scraping your pan.



well priced

If you are looking for a great value multi-tasker for the home, this Kenwood Triblade blender  is it.

It’s available for an absolute bargain price in our opinion for the great quality, the value you get from all the parts, and the time it saves you to do lots of kitchen tasks. Having everything in one set means it will also save you buying other equipment to do those jobs.


In the UK

The HDP406 we normally link to is usually already a great deal, but you can also check out any other suppliers on Amazon UK  when you click through… so go ahead and try here.

It’s still our best bargain !

Ken Wood’s mission was to make you…

A domestic genius in the kitchen

Kenwood Limited is a very British Company…  a well known and respected Kitchen appliance company started in the late 1940s… by Kenneth Wood.

Kenneth Wood wanted to created a kitchen gadget heaven with the idea of reducing stress, making you more confident and creative in the kitchen, and speeding up the whole cooking process.

We love that this well thought out hand blender set should release you from being a kitchen slave.


Let’s see how  the HDP 406WH hand blender  makes you a domestic genius.

less STRESSed

It’s so easy to use, and to clean. Easy to blend up leftovers for soups, sauces or baby food. And most parts go in the dishwasher. 

more confident

It does the hard and skilled work for you. It gives you separate tools so you get the best results with each task.

more Creative

Makes it easy to experiment with small quantities. Kenwood have lots of hand blender recipes to get you going. 

Save Time

You know you can get results fast. So you can have more time to think, plan, even try new recipes… or just rest up !

A brand you can rely on

Kenwood has been around even longer than us – so it’s been a well tried and tested kitchen appliance helper all our lives.

It’s still there as a great mainstay brand – quietly reliable, reasonably priced, not too showy, and does the job expertly. De ‘Longhi know this – they bought the company in 2001. They know what they’re doing. They also bought Braun ( another favourite of ours). So you know you are in good hands. But don’t just listen to us, see the detail, and what the users, and the other experts say.

The Kenwood HDP406   was our winner because it has the best combination of tools at the best price. For a little less money, the HDP300 series gives you the first hand blender sets ( The HDP100 series is just the basic model). For a little more, the HDP700 series is where it gets more fancy in terms of style and materials and allows you to set up a matching set of appliances in your kitchen.

Kenwood now boasts selling 200 models in 40 countries of the world. An old brand you can trust. Whichever way you go, you can’t go wrong, you can only go right. The choice is yours.

The triblade series

Where does the HDP406 fit into the triblade Range

A little heads-up on our 2019 update on the best hand blenders globally. Kenwood actually make six Triblade technology hand blender series. The ‘WH’ on the end of a model name just means that it comes in a white colour. ‘CR’ would be cream. Sometimes you see the colour referred on the end model number, sometimes you don’t.

The basic Triblade hand blenders


600W, HDP100, HDP103HDP109WH

Note: textured handle grip

The FIRST Triblade sets


800W, HDP300WH and HDP304WH

Note: there is no chopper with these sets

the most popular triblade Hand blender set


 800W, HDP406WH

Note: includes chopping bowl & extra soup blender and masher legs. 



The triblade hand blender and ice crushing attachment



Note:  not available in the U.K. ( only U.S., Canada and India.)

The kMix TRIblade hand blender set


800W, HDM700, HDX754

Note: In the UK, it’s called the KMix  hand blender. It has the same functions as the HDP406Wh but comes in stylish painted metal finish, and sits neatly on one stand. 



The Triblade SYSTEM PRO



1000 Watt professional model at the top of the range. Designed to reach more ingredients and reduce suction with even larger blade feet.


the best value set in the triblade range

Sitting at the higher end of the mid-range models, we would say that the Kenwood triblade system pro hand blender   is firmly a cooks kitchen tool ( as opposed to a chefs.) It’s high quality, and technically well designed to make tasks easy and quick. It is your helping hand blender, masher, whisker, and chopper.  

You know Kenwood always been a great, well-established brand, and now it has been able to reach new heights as part of the revered De ‘Longhi group.

This particular Kenwood model, the Kenwood triblade system pro hand blender  won because it does everything it promises incredibly well. It has a lot of performance improvementsand lots of attachments for the modest price. All in all, a winner for Kenwood… and a winner for you !

There is very little it cannot do, but it’s mostly used for soups, baby food, sauces, milk shakes and mayonnaise. Kenwood even provide you with some nice recipes, and a good sized jug to blend and store in.

It does everything a hand blender set should do, and dedicated extra tools to get it just right for each task. However you cannot upgrade by adding a food processing bowl to slice and grate. It also does not venture into the food processing arena – Kenwood have other products for those tasks.

It’s ideal for new mums, busy people, singles or couples, and small families to cook easily together. It brings everyone into the kitchen because it doesn’t tie you up cooking or washing up for too long. 

Given all of these points… the price is amazing !