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INCREDIBLE Bamix SwissLine

in-depth review and buying guide 2020


Powerful, precise & fast


Small, elegant & feels so solid


Most efficient commercial grade blender


Built for serious cooks

Bamix make the best handblenders on the market

The Bamix SwissLine hand blender set

Incredible Bamix Swissline Hand blender
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Bamix of Switzerland

Why Bamix is best 

Firstly, lets not forget that Bamix are pioneers in this business.

The Bamix of Switzerland, of course, is also made... in Switzerland and Germany. Did you know that Bamix produced the first ever hand blender back in the 1950s ! It’s so good that the design and engineering have hardly changed at all.

Their tools just ooze power and durability, multi-purpose and convenience. By all accounts, from the way professionals talk about its reliability, and how chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay endorse it, it seems that this blender was made for the gods !


Feels magic

It looks like a magic wand and certainly feels like it ! 

You can even immerse it right up to the buttons. It works in a matter of seconds, and is a cinch to clean by just rinsing under the tap.

What gives me the most ‘magic’ joy is when it turns things into powders or butters ! 

Elegant and strong

It looks lovely, is light ( less than a kilo) , and a nice small size to hold.

It’s the smallest and most powerful we have come across, and the blades are so cute and tiny yet unbelievable powerful and precise !

It can be safely used in fragile glassware as well as in boiling hot saucepans. Yes it can ! We enjoy testing that out every day… in jars, jugs, boiling pans, tumblers, crystal glasses, malt cups and cocktail shakers.


This Bamix Swissline Blender motor is heavy duty efficient motor. So Bamix is all about quality, not just the number of watts.

The versatility of this hand held food processor makes light and fast work of chopping, purée, beating, mixing, frothing, stirring and emulsifying, aerating… and more.  

It's all you need

To upgrade this Bamix blender, you just need the last few accessories, no need to buy another stick like other brands !

You may end up not needing all your other kitchen appliances any more. It can replace blenders, processors, graters, slicers, mixers, liquidisers, cocktail makers, grinders, choppers, mincers, whisks, or even ice cream machines. 

top 3 reasons to buy the Bamix M200 Swissline

The best things about the Bamix Swissline



The Swissline hand blender is simple, elegant, and oozes quality. Designed and made in Switzerland, these original inventors of the hand blender have hardly had to change their design for 60 years, yet it’s still the best !

The whole blender is smaller and lighter than most others, and it also has a lovely narrowing at the neck where the buttons sit so that it fits really nicely in your hand making it easy to hold. So it’s great for smaller hands and it puts a lot less stress on your wrist than a lot of other hand blenders.

It has just the two buttons for intuitively turning it on/off, high / low speeds, and pulsing or continuous blending. There are no other controls, that’s it !  Simple.

You also don’t need to keep taking the blender leg off and on. It stays on, in fact it´s sealed on so you can even submerse more than the shaft into your food !

You only need to use it one way, no matter what job you’re doing No need to take the leg on and off like other blenders – just the blade changes.

The blades are also so cute… have you ever seen whisk that is just a flat blade with holes in it ? Or an aerator that beats so well yet it looks like a flat disk … but set at a very cleverly designed angle !

You don’t even have to change blades often though because the multi-purpose blade is used for most tasks.

The motor is also well sealed in, in fact, it is doubly sealed between the leg and the body, so you can also safely blend in a boiling hot saucepan, as well as directly into the glass you want to drink out of ! The diameter of the foot is small enough to do that – we find that most people buying a Bamix through us also tend to buy this malt cup to blend in then drink out of. You can also blend straight into mason jars ( see the Jamie Oliver video further down this page).

As well as looking good, it stores really neatly with its nice tight curly cable,  on one small, clever storage stand which you’d be really happy to leave on show.



By power we don’t just mean the wattage. The quality of the energy efficient engineering design means it is supplying more power with less watts. So really it’s the high revolutions per minute that the Bamix can provide ( the speed ) that sets the Bamix Swissline apart from all others.

(A little heads up… We will refer to the Swissline UK as the M200 in this article, with speeds of 1: 12000-1300rpm, and speed 2: 17000-18,000rpm. However in America, you will find the super energy efficient Swissline USA is believed to actually draws a different power of 150-180 W. Because of this, you will see it referred to as the M150, with speeds of 9,000rpm and 12,000rpm. We’ll refer to it as the M200 in this article.)

The slower speed setting is perfect for small batches and softer materials whereas the higher setting is great for tougher ingredients and larger batches. Use the low speed for small amounts of liquid ( e.g. if it does not entirely cover the safety guard ), and also for all food that you want to be light and fluffy. Use the high speed for power on hard food and big volumes.

Bamix has an alternating current and balanced motor which makes it particularly quiet. The AC motor also keeps it at a constant, precise speed to ensure there is no vibration even under heavy loads. Believe me, I’ve minced sinew-strewn steak with it ! You can also blend continuously for up to 5 minutes which is a long time for a hand blender ! Cheaper blenders will just do 30 seconds at a time. It’s good to know that it’s never overkill when working with tiny amounts either. 

The shaft end has a unique design, with 3 prongs that protrude like an open cage so that you don’t scrape your pans. This, along with the blade design, creates a current which draws the food down and in toward the blender stick, and creates the famous Bamix vortex where the food is mixed with the blade like a tornado. This is one of the main reasons why the Bamix blenders are more effective, thorough, and better and faster than anyone else !



If you are looking for a hand blender to last for decades, then this Bamix Swissline is it !

The leg is made with chromated brass, which makes it strong, durable and heat resistant. The Bamix blender body is made with PA6 safety rated nylon and fully sealed and heat resistant so you can put your blender deep into the boiling hot or ice cold food. In fact that means right up to the buttons !

You don’t need to worry either, because it has an officially tested safety certificate for various countries for all the parts that come into contact with food. With a special coating made of PA6 safety rated nylon, this makes the Bamix corrosion resistant, odour resistanttasteless, grease repellant and fully sealed. So, it not only means it is built to last but also that it won’t leave residues, or unwanted tastes or smells in your food.

The Swissline also has a lovely ergonomic handle design that includes a rubber membrane to cover the buttons and stop liquid getting inside.

The Swissline model is one of the few Bamix blenders that comes with a nice curly cable (which can stretch out to a whopping 2.5m), so it sits nice and close to the blender and not dip into your food, or latch on to other things sitting on your counter-top… makes it much safer to use. 

The main blender sticks come with a 1 Year Commercial Warranty or a whopping 10 years domestic warranty ! The plastic accessories tend to have a 1 year warranty.  In the first year it seems that you just need to return anything not working to the retailer. Between yr 1 and 10, they will fix free of charge, and after 10 years you can access a paid for repair service. You do need to know this because it looks like this is a lifetime tool !  Some Bamix units have been in use for more than 30 or even 40 years and they can still be repaired, we’ve heard that Bamix keep all parts since it started !

Realising it will last decades.. think ahead. You might need it now for making dips, salsas and smoothies. Maybe as you develop as a cook, or have a baby you will need it to save time, create foams and tantalising sauces, or purée baby food in an instant. Down the line, in another 10-20 years you might need it to make big family batches of soup – who knows. Best get a good hand blender now !!

See the Bamix Swissline price 

What’s in the box

Bamix SWISSLINE attachments & accessories

Bamix 1litre jug , accessory to use with the Bamix hand blender

1000 ml plastic beaker

You The 1 litre jug

You’d think there was nothing to say but it is a bamix jug after all.

It’s BPA free, has a spout and handle ( I point it out because not all blender beakers are this big or have these ! )


You can buy extra beakers ( with lids ) taht are 400ml or 600ml, or a set of the two together.


Bamix Swissline blades (3 included are Multi-purpose, whisk, beater blade)


Three blades are included in the Swissline.

The main blade is called the multipurpose blade ( also known as the chopper blade or the C blade). 

The whisk blade (also known as the blender or B blade).

The beater blade ( aka aerator or A blade) is the flat angled disk one.

There is only one blade left, the meat blade, and that comes with the full Bamix set – the Superbox.

Black Bamix swissline stand

Bamix Swissline Stand

The most swish and sleek of all the stands Bamix do. Its the most expensive of the three stand styles Bamix do, and not also not available to buy on its own.

It comes in either a dark (black /graphite), or light neutral (white / silver) colour.

There is a place round the back to store the blades and the processor. 

Bamix wet and dry mill also known as Bamix processor unit

The Bamix Processor

What you need to know here is that the processor is one step up from the dry grinder that was available with lower watt models like the Deluxe.

The mini processor mixes, chops, & minces both wet and dry ingredients. From onions, apples, herbs, to cheese, nuts, seeds, bread, chocolate, coffee etc.

One step up again is the powder disk that you can use with this mill to absolutely pulverize things like cloves, cinnamon sticks, star anise, chocolate, sugar etc. to a powder. It doesn’t cost much so worth getting. We find it works best to do a little grind first without the powder disk, then pop it on and blitz with the fast speed button. It turns your ingredients into powder in seconds !

 Final upgrade would be to get the larger processor bowl which also has slicing and grating disks. Both the SliceSy and the powder disk come included with the Superbox set 

bamix swissline blender

features & functions

The Swissline set includes a 200W 18,000rpm stick with standard shaft length; 3 blades for chopping, mixing, blending, beating and whisking; a jug for measuring and blending in: a mini processor for for grinding wet and dry ingredients, and a compact, elegant countertop stand for storing everything securely and neatly.

bamix swissline superbox

With  just one more upgrade from the Swissline  to the  Superbox set,  and you get the final 3 parts (the meat blade, the SliceSy, and the powder disk). Everything you need to make the ultimate complete Bamix set in our opinion.

Multi functionality

With three blades available Bamix allows you to prepare a variety of things: from beating eggs to making mayonnaise, sauces, cake mixes, purees, juices, ice cream, smoothies, milk shakes, crushed ice, soup, or even fabulous at making foams, cocktails.

Compared to many other models, the tiny size of the blade-ends mean that you can blend your mayonnaise or salad dressing directly into a mason jar ( I do… then it’s easy to store leftovers directly in the fridge !) You can also use your Bamix to smooth out lumpy sauce in a jiffy, so no-one will ever know you didn’t make a perfect sauce first time round! The Swissline comes with 3 blades, the SuperBox with 4 blades so then you can have the meat blade for mincing meat, and tough skinned veggies, make paté, or even dog food !  Both models are on Amazon. We wouldn’t sweat though, buying a meat blade won’t break the bank (I sneaked that purchase in as a wee Christmas stocking filler last year 😉

Food processing

The mini processor takes you one powerful step toward food processing. Hand blenders normally come with a ‘chopping bowl’ and that’s what this looks like. But Bamix just do things better, so it is more of a mini processor than a chopping bowl.  It is small however, so so it’s not for making bread doughs etc… you will need the larger processor bowl called the SliceSy that comes with the Swissline Superbox set if you want to do that. Same goes for precise slicing and grating tools -you need the SliceSy (a larger processing bowl). The mini processor with the Swissline is really for chopping and mincing herbs, nuts, seeds, chocolate, cheese, onions, garlic, etc.

Warranty and maintenance

One wonderful customer commented… “You can break it by dropping it on the floor, but I have never heard of one wearing out.” We wouldn’t recommend testing that out! A little t.l.c. from you will keep it going a long way! Do read the product manual about how to take care of your new best kitchen friend!

The two top tips we found for maintaining your Bamix hand blender were:  a gentle squeeze with the pliers when the attachments get lose, and a few drops of vegetable oil up the shaft every now and then to keep the motor running at its best. We have noticed that some other suppliers only offer a 5 year warranty. Click over to the Amazon suppliers below and you should find 10 year warranties there.


We didn’t realise how important the stand was until we started using the Bamix.

Here’s how I use it.  I take the hand blender off the stand, add the blade, use the blender, unplug, rinse under the tap, take off the blade and replace on the stand.

Lots of times mid-blend I also find myself setting the blender back on the stand whilst i do something. I find it sooo useful and easy. You don’t want to stand the blender on its end incase it falls over, and its more natural to set it on the stand then lay it on the countertop.

With the blender sitting out on the work surface on its stand all the time, I find I use it more often too!

The detail

Technical specifications

Body material: fully sealed PA6 safety rated nylon

Protective thin, soft rubber membrane covers the buttons

Main blender wand / shaft: metal
Blades: rust proof stainless steel

Size: L34.5 cm x W6.5 cm x H7.7 cm , L13.5″ x W2.5″ x H3.0″


UK power: 220-240 V/50-60 Hz, Two-fold insulation, twin Safety switch with Softgrip

Weight ( light!) 940 g ( 2lbs 1 oz … about the weight of a bag of 2lb sugar !)

Slow speed: 12000 – 13000 rpm . Fast speed: 17000 – 18000 rpm

Power button: via speed 1, or speed 2 button, easy to access on handle grip

Multi-purpose mixing / blending blade


Aerator blade


Whisk blade


Countertop stand / holder for blender, blades, mini processor

Dishwasher-safe parts

5 ⅜” shaft length  14cm). 9.8 inches submersible length (25cm)


1 Litre Calibrated BPA free Beaker / Jug 


Wet / dry mini processor with blade accessory 

Spiral cable

Colours: silver, white, black, baby pink, mint green, cream, mango.

heavy-duty motor (watts)

warranty (months)

maximum speed (rpm)

weight (kg)

length (mm)

width / height (cm)

It’s not just us that rate it so highly

what the users like about the Swissline

“If you are going to buy any blender then this is the one, it not only does what it says on the box but more, much more and does it so easily that you wonder how you ever managed without one, it is worth it’s weight in gold for it’s efficiency and also cost effective as it’s virtually unbreakable, ( I should know ) have destroyed 3 cheaper blenders before purchasing the Bamix.”

Lakeland user

Very versatile and easy to use, clean and store. The claw-like base ensures that minimal food gets stuck and you can process small quantities – ideal for baby food.”


“I would buy the Swissline off Amazon or Ebay so you get the full warranty plus you get the best model. It will not be overkill. You will have this unit for 20+ years so the value is worth it ten times over.”

Chowhound user

“Robust. Easy to use and clean. Accessories stored nicely behind the stand. An investment buy well worth it.”

John Lewis user

See what the users on Amazon say in your country

We will take you to the Bamix Swissline hand blender on Amazon UK. Click on REVIEWS and enjoy the read !

Our experience using it every day

pros and cons

I love that I can literally blend into a crystal glass, or a hot saucepan without changing a thing.

It’s so light and easy to hold and use. It seems to do almost every job we ask of it !


The stand is a must ! It looks good too so you want to have it out. It holds all the parts in one small space, and having it out on display means we use the hand blender a lot. It’s so handy, and better practice, to just pop it on the angled stand even in between blending ( eg blend, put it down, add some ingredients, blend, etc). The stand is easy to wipe down or wash when you need to.


I’m amazed at how powerful it is even with tiny quantities, so I can experiment or knock up a sauce or topping for 2 plates so easily.


It’s no surprise really that this is the very best domestic hand blender on the market, because it was designed by the company that invented the whole concept of hand blending and made that very first one ! To this day we believe it’s still made in the same factory!


I usually travel with just hand luggage so I can’t take it with me when I go home to the parents, or on holiday to a villa and want to make the most of local ingredients. I guess you can’t take it on board an aeroplane because of the sharp blades or blunt object that a hand blender would be. I won’t dare try incase it gets confiscated. Life just isn’t the same in the kitchen when I don’t have it with me.  Maybe we should set up a Bamix borrowing club !


The price. Sadly, it’s not a price everyone chooses to, or is able to spend on a hand blender. Once you have one you realise it’s worth it, but before you buy, it’s quite a task to justify it for most people. It’s a luxury item as well as being great value for money in the long run. Food would be so much more boring in our house without it, and I’d say, that the Bamix alone, is what got me cooking and creating a lot more in the kitchen.

As the saying goes… “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”

It’s also important to know

What does the Bamix Swissline not do well  ?

Confusing names... Bamix uses "different" names

I know Bamix made the first hand blender, but the industry now has a standard set of names that go with the blender products. Bamix tends to buck the trend a little.

Does it have a “chopping bowl” accessory ?

It calls the chopping bowl a dry grinder, or a wet / dry mill, or a mini-processor. That’s because it does so much more than the usual chopping bowl but it’s hard to understand. It is in fact a mini processor, but then it doesn’t slice or grate like a processor does.

Does it “slice and grate” ?

It is great at chopping and grating in an ‘in-precise’ way. For example, if you put a warm ( room temperature) hard cheese in there, it will chop it up into little balls like its been grated. If you put a ‘harder’ hard cheese in straight from the fridge or freezer, it will be more like a grated result.

Same goes for slicing, I use it all the time to chop an onion for frying. I cut my onion into quarters and pop them into the wet/dry mill processor and in about 2 seconds it’s all chopped up, albeit unevenly and maybe a little mushy. That’s great for frying onion to start a dish off ( or for mincing garlic with it so your garlic pieces dont burn).

Does it have a “food processor” ?

If you want a more traditional slicing and grating action say for carrots, courgette, cabbage slicing, that you would get from a large counter-top processor, then you need to buy the SlicsSy attachment. As well as the main chopping blade, this larger processor has 5 extra plates for slicing thick or thin, and grating small, medium or large. So it’s a larger food processing bowl – but its called a ‘SliceSy’ ! 

If you want the best hand held food processor, go for the Bamix Swissline Superbox which has this included.

having to learn the Bamix as you go

A lakeland user rightly reported that “On line opinion is divided about the Bamix. To enjoy its benefits, one has to learn to use it. ” …… I failed to beat an egg white and on line people say its impossible with a Bamix. Was upset till I found a Bamix video explaining how. Then I succeeded. My Bamix now proves convenient, quick and compact – a brilliant tool.

Same goes for a very small smattering of reviewers that didn’t get their Bamix to do the job for them. It’s so simple when you use the right blade !

European vs English

We have a European plug on our power cable so it threads through the hole at the back of the stand. I don’t think a UK 3 pin plug would fit through this but you can just let the cable drop over it instead. A small design point !

Bamix blades allow you to do so much more than the usual stick blender with its many extra legs. Once you really know how to use them, you just get better and better at it. We are living proof that you do get better with the Bamix as you learn how to use it. 

But sometimes we see information printed or online we see some confusion with the blade names. English is a difficult, but precise language when you know it ! So when a European supplier is translating a blade name into English, it can mix up the beating and mixing terms.

So when you buy your Bamix head over to our Bamix accessories guide for a good read and you'll be fine. I even have a video showing how easy it is to beat an egg white with my Bamix Swissline ( I could never do easily without a handblender !).

Upgrade to the Swissline Superbox

 Who should buy the Bamix Swissline ?

 designed for simple, serious and creative cooking

gain confidence cooking with the bamix swissline

unconfident cooks

You’ll be able to tackle jobs that you thought you could never do !

It’s easy to try things out with small quantities till you’re confident.

Make meringues in seconds, fast pestos and mayonnaise, salsas, garlic paste, your own hot chocolate powder

healthy food making with the bamix

healthy cooks

Grind nuts and seeds in second. Mince up small quantities of coconut, turmeric root for healthy drinks, or make ginger paste, and nut butters.

Get the meat blade and you can make a quick salmon tartare, or make light work of blending thick skinned vegetables like rhubarb, or bean skins for smooth soups.

The Bamix Swissline fits in a minimalist, purist kitchen

minimalist, only the best cooks

This really is a neat little one tool fits all type of blender that will do endless tasks for you in the kitchen.

It looks neat and elegant on your clean counter… and everyone will see you have only the best !.. a Bamix

If money is no object, Bamix even make a gold plated model in their luxuryline !

Bamix swissline can help you save time

in a hurry cooks

It’s so powerful that you can quickly puree ingredients for baby food, or mince up sandwich spreads ( peanut butter for one !), or turn leftovers into sauces or soup.

Froth milk for your morning coffee, or make a quick milkshake to go.

The powerful Bamix makes light work of prepping food, so get ahead with the dinner with a quick marinade to leave marinading in the fridge for the day.

The Bamix SwissLine is brilliant for foodies, creative cooks in the kitchen

creative cooks

Make up your own spice mixes, ground coffee mix,  your own Vanilla or cinnamon powder from pods and sticks. Grind your own pepper mixes, and herby salts. 
Homogenise,  aerate and even create foams !
Get creative with dressings and fancy drizzles and purées to layer, dot or scrape on fancy dinner plates.

Check out the Swissline deal today

let’s summarise

the incredible Bamix Swissline

Buyers Advice

Swissline price

Ok, overall, it is expensive compared to other blenders but if you want a professional tool this is the one for you.  It´s made to last,  so worth investing.

Many people have realised that they were just throwing good money after bad, buying replacement machines or parts for other more popularly known household brands that seem to last just beyond the warranty date!

You do get what you pay for in our opinion, and we’d rather cut straight to the best of the best if it can be afforded.



We’ve seen some great prices for the Bamix Swissline Blender set on Amazon recently. If you see some offers looking more expensive than others but that can be for two reasons.

  1. It’s usually because the supplier is including more accessories than the standard package ( maybe a meat blade or powder disk, or a smaller beaker). The standard set should include the 1L jug, the processor, the stand and 3 blades.
  2. Prices can seem lower with some suppliers because they are not offering the usual  Bamix 10year warranty and they have to send the units away to be fixed. If you get the chance, we highly recommend spending the extra money for the 10-year warranty.

Where to buy the Swissline

You won’t find the Bamix brand everywhere we guarantee you, and there is usually only one main distributor in some major countries. Quite often it´s from a less known name. Also, if you go online, you can easily get old stock or the wrong country specification on some sites. Our advice is to go to your local Amazon site and it should direct you to all the ones that will work best for where you live.


As the saying goes…

I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things !